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Ron McKnight, Dpl. Ac., LMT
  • Diplomate in Acupuncture
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Injury Prevention Specialist

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We Use Education, Palpation, and Mitigation as a Way of Preventing Repetitive Stress Injury

The Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics (CTMA) is devoted to effective assessment and treatment methods, prevention strategies, and therapeutic products, which promote and advance the art of preclinical assessment and prevention of repetitive stress injuries.

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Taking Steps Toward Prevention

Sometimes injuries occur because of the things we know and sometimes because of the things we don’t know. In our community, words can spur an athlete forward or challenge them to injury.

Excellence comes from repetition and with that comes stress. Stress works on the mind and body of each one of us, whether we choose to think about it or not.

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He saved my career a few times. As a former semi-pro cyclist, I had tendinitis and other overuse injuries. Ron McKnight helped me heal and prevent future injuries.

Greg Wolfe

I’ve seen too many kids injured in sports before they’re even teenagers. I could never make my son play less baseball – he just loves the sport too much – but at least I can help him prevent an overuse injury. Thank you, Ron McKnight, for looking out for young athletes!

Angela Forsyth

Thanks so much for fitting me in last Monday. My body and I enjoyed seeing you. I felt MUCH better after my session with you. Your knowledge and expertise have always amazed me and all of my friends that I have referred to you.

Bobby Kellman

Big shout out to Center for Therapeutic Massage and Athletics (CTMA) for my treatment today!!! On my way to running pain free again! See you next week!

Jodi Dougherty

Ron is the best! Helped me when I had my sciatica, and was about to consider surgery as the pain was so bad. He is professional and a great guy too. I highly recommend him.

Arthur Reinhart

Thanks to your treatment and my walking and stretching, I am pretty pain-free. Therefore I will not be coming for another appointment next Monday. Thanks!

Marilyn Porzio

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