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The End of Stretching

This sports injury prevention book takes a look at the rationale for stretching and demonstrates that the purpose and the reality of stretching are not the same. Stretching prevents nothing. All stretching can do is increase range of motion. Training must solidify the increase in range. When stretching, the singular purpose must be to affect range motion, not to prevent injury.

The End Of Stretching by : William " Ron " McKnightAvailable on Amazon  in Kindle or Paperback

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Perspectives in Palpation

This book aids in laying a foundation for teaching trained massage therapists to reliably assess trigger points that are the precursor to injury. Ron insists that the therapists who work with him be trained in the technique of identifying and treating latent and active trigger points. By utilizing subjective and objective assessments, and identifying latent and active trigger points, we as a team can reduce repetitive injury by at least 40%.

Perspectives in Palpation by: William " Ron " McKnight

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Elbow Collateral Ligament Injury Prevention and Safety (ECLIPS)

ECLIPS is a proven method for reducing the incidence of elbow pain caused by throwing injuries—specifically those created by pitching. This type of injury can lead to Tommy John Surgery, named for the legendary major league pitcher who had the first successful elbow ligament replacement.

Elbow Collateral Ligament Injury Prevention and Safety (ECLIPS)

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