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Practice Services

My Philosophy: Awareness Through Perspective

Touching or palpation is the first step in any attempt at healing, and as such should be the first approach to prevention. I believe the healthcare community should be directed toward prevention as a way of reducing stress and illness. The bodywork community has long been used in prevention and rehabilitation of clinical injury without the recognition that it deserves.

My practice has long been used in mitigating injury with a recognition that injuries happen over time because 90% of them are repetitive, which means there is a period of time over which the injury becomes clinical. This leaves time for the injury to be assessed and treated ahead of clinical intervention.

The key to prevention is awareness through perspective: Therapists trained to assess trigger points ahead of them becoming active. Over the last 15 years I have identified 13 consistent anomalies that are indicative of potential injury. This allows therapists to shorten treatment and work effectively on specific injuries.

Assessment Strategy

The team experience is about assessing the whole team in the beginning of the season, mid season, and end of season. This provides information to the team coaches that they rarely have. We can produce a flow chart of where a significant number of players are being over trained due to similar routines.

The corporate experience is about recognizing repetitive routines and amending them by applying therapy when and where necessary.

The educational experience ranges from adult education to practitioner training as prevention technicians.

Therapy in Twenty Minutes

This service is restricted to specific etiologies or body locations. These treatments are designed to remediate or mitigate repetitive stress injury for the most common conditions as follows (cost $45.00/20min).

  • General Stiffness (code 719.50)
  • Sprain/Strain (code 848.9)
  • Tennis Elbow (code 719.42)
  • Lumbar Pain (code 847.2)
  • Shoulder Pain (code 719.41)
  • Thoracic Pain (code 847.1)
  • Knee Pain (code 719.40)
  • Cervical Pain (code 847.0)
  • Stiff Neck (torticollis) (code 723.5)
  • Sacral Pain (code 846.1)
  • Headaches (code 307.81)
  • TMJ Jaw Pain (code 526.7)

Office Services

  • Counseling (code 99401)$165.00/hr
    —Injury Prevention
    —Workplace Injury Remediation
    —Repetitive Stress Injury Mitigation
  • Initial Palpation and Assessment (code 99211)$55.00
  • Muscle Testing (code 95834)$55.00
  • Range of Motion Evaluation and Facilitation$55.00/20min
  • Massage/Physiotherapy (code 97124)$165.00/hr

Free Benefits and Rewards


First time client receives a gift card for 20 minutes Free therapy for someone else.

Regular clients will be rewarded with twenty minute session for themselves or a friend


Prepaid sessions


Buy 5/ hour sessions in advance 160. each and receive the sixth for Free.

Buy 5/ 20minute sessions in advance 50. each and receive the sixth for Free.


Comeback Promotion a Limited  promotion for:

(valid to 4/22/2021)


 New clients and clients who haven’t come in six months

Buy one Twenty minute session and get one Free for a friend.

Buy one Hour Therapy session get one twenty minute session Free for a friend.


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